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First of all, there are two completely different aircrafts - business jets and commercial airliners we deal with. Let's start with business jets. For most models of business aircraft, there are still a large number of pre-owned aircraft for sale today. Believe it or not, as the economy begins to turn around, the right time to buy aircraft is now. With so many corporate jets and turboprops available, it is more important than ever to be able to discern a good buy in order to make the best decision. Our knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and changing values can save you considerable money and time, both in the initial purchase and down-the-road, with respect to maintenance considerations, service items, and resale of aircraft. We are constantly aware of the market and the factors affecting it.

AIC JETS Corporation specialises in working with aircraft buyers, providing independent, unbiased assistance. Whether it is the first time you or your company are acquiring aircraft, or you have been through the process before, AIC JETS Corp. works as part of your team to facilitate the process and manage the details in every transaction. If you are uncertain as to which model of business aircraft is right for you, want to confirm your decision, or need to document the decision-making process, we can also undertake an assessment of your travel.

The goal is for you to acquire the aircraft that is best suited to you and over the years, AIC JETS Corp. has developed a specific and helpful step by step process for aircraft acquisitions. From needs assessment to delivery, the AIC JETS Corp. Acquisition Process covers every aspect of the acquisition while ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. This process is designed to save you both time and money.

When we are talking about commercial aircrafts we process is almost same. We will come with you step by step through all procees.

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AIC JETS Corp. Acquisition Process:

  • Acquisition Agreement

We will work with you to establish the terms and conditions of your acquisition agreement.

  • Needs Assessment and Cost Analysis

Our team and partners will help you determine and establish your needs for an aircraft, including aircraft type, model, year, total time, and equipment while keeping you within your operating budget.

  • Extensive Research

By assessing present market strength and weaknesses, Atlantic Inflight Consulting will determine the number of aircraft available and evaluate current asking and selling prices.

  • Location

We will identify every available aircraft in the market through direct contact with owners, discreet surveys of our customers and the use of industry tracking services, dealer network trade-ins and manufacturers’ trade-ins.

  • Validate & Evaluate

We will determine a first round of recommended aircraft selections based upon total time, year, equipment, engine times, inspections status, damage history, paint/interior, ownership history and maintenance history.

  • Analyse

In order to demonstrate value differences between selected aircraft for you, our team will conduct a quantitative analysis by assigning values for equipment, condition and maintenance. We will compare value, look at recent sales and asking prices and perform an in-depth analysis of each aircraft meeting your every need.

  • Negotiate

We will negotiate on your behalf the best possible price and terms on selected aircraft which are all subject to a pre-purchase evaluation.

  • Register with the International Registry

Our Closing Department personnel will assist you in the registration process with the International Registry.

  • Pre-Purchase Evaluation

We will represent you during a comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation of airframe, engine and avionics at the service provider of your choice. The evaluation will include a verification of equipment, logbook research, maintenance history, inspection status and current one-year maintenance projections.

  • Closing

Our knowledgeable closing department will work closely with the Title Company, buyer and seller to ensure all documents required for closing are completed in a timely manner.

  • Delivery

We will prepare the Delivery Receipt document and if necessary, provide assistance with relocating the aircraft for delivery.



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