Message from AIC JETS Corporation 


Boris Koryagin

President / Owner of AIC JETS Corp.


AIC JETS Corp., international privately owned aircraft brokerage company specializing in buying and selling of new or pre-owned aircraft and helicopter - commercial and jet aircraft, turboprop aircraft, piston single aircraft, helicopters, avionics and equipment. As stated above our main line of interests and expertise are aircraft brokerage, sales and lease, acquisitions and consulting services. The emphasis on Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Hawker in line of commercial and business jets, and Bell, Robinson, Eurocopter in line of helicopters.

Company started its life in 2012 and was named Atlantic Inflight Consulting in 2016 (later changed its name and structure, nowadays well-known in commercial and business aviation as AIC JETS Corp.) by Boris Koryagin, started his career in aviation in 1992 in the first private commercial airline company and left it with 6,000 flight hours. In his current position, Mr. B. Koryagin is involved with all facets of customer aircraft transactions. His responsibilities include aircraft operational and maintenance budget projections, also working closely with clients in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia, involved in aircraft technical appraisals and aircraft refurbishment planning and management with diverse range of corporate jet experience and is well-versed in Gulfstream, Cessna, Hawker, and Bombardier product lines with significant hands-on experience. Also he has experience coordinating aircraft transactions with the aircraft buyer, seller and repair stations. He has an understanding of the FAA and foreign regulations. His over 20 years of experience includes working as a corporate flight dispatcher, airline airside representative, Duty Off-base Representative of private company (control of on-demand air charters and FBO operations on USA territory).

We deeply appreciate strong and good relationships with our clients and partners in different countries in North, Central and South America, Europe and Middle East while meeting our mutual corporate and individual needs and interests.

Whether you are in the market to sell or to buy an aircraft or helicopter, contact AIC JETS Corp. for consultation to get assistance in this process and we will deliver what you expect from us.

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