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Ground Handling Services

AIC JETS Corporation strives to ensure that your aircraft, passengers, crew and cargo are all handled with utmost professionalism. We offer an integrated range of quality passenger, ramp and technical services on a global basis. Our professional teams work with advanced technology as well as facilitating all airport/aircraft documentation. With our experience of handling an aircraft at most of the locations throughout the world, we are more than familiar with the local requirements and facilities available at each airport.


Visa Arrangements

Acquiring a visa with the right documentation can be tricky as some procedures can be long and time consuming. We as service providers always ensure that the crew and passengers arrive with proper documents and guide them about the requirement of the same.


Meet and Greet

The most important aspect of client management is for the customer to be treated with utmost respect and professionalism throughout their journey.

AIC JETS Corporation provides individuals highly trained in customer service that looks after your needs on arrival or before departure. We constantly exceed expectations in service standards with a view to making our guests’ airport experience extremely pleasurable.



To ensure that our clients, be it crew or passengers, are well taken care of we select the best FBO’s as per our clients convenience. We conduct audits on the quality of the services before we approve them as our preferred FBO’s.


Hotel / Limousine / Concierge

AIC JETS Corporation understands that hotel accommodation, technical flights, last minute schedule changes, ground transportation and visas may be quite a challenge in remote locations or where they don’t have offices setup. It is in these times that AIC JETS Corporation really proves to be of full value, by providing clients with best and budgeted accommodation for a comfortable rest period.

We also specialize in arranging ground transport for crew & passengers to and from the airport/hotel, with hotel shuttles or independent transportation companies (whichever best meet the needs and budget requirements). We also have our own airport transfer service.

At AIC JETS Corporation we offer a wide range of tailor made services with everything  from relocations to arranging special events for your business and personal preference, be it flowers for your loved ones, a gift package and so on - limited only by imagination.


Catering Service

AIC JETS Corporation understands that dining has become one of the key aspects of air travel. We are partnered with a global network of quality aviation caterers as well as private chefs and luxury catering companies. AIC JETS Corporation’s catering standards are benchmarked high for quality, safety, freshness and cost.


Safety and Security

We also expedite the AIC JETS Corporation's customers through immigration and customs procedures where possible.


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