Guidelines For Using AIC JETS Corporation Logo and Other Related Insignia


The AIC JETS Corp. logo and other related insignia are the property of AIC JETS Corp. and may be used only in accordance with authorization provided by AIC JETS Corp.

Our corporate logo is an important part of our brand. It represents our identity and is a very valuable piece of our intellectual property. To request use of our logo, use the request tool. The process of using our logo is easier than you can think, but you have to inform us first and acknowledge some rules and terms. Please talk with our representative first.

The seal and logo must remain intact and unchanged (e.g., don’t use letters “AIC JETS” or “AIC JETS Corp.” by itself, separately without informing our organization or omit the full Corporation name from the logo). The seal and logo must be used in common only as “AIC JETS Corporation”. The sole exception is an icon, created by AIC JETS Corporation in several case can be used as “AIC JETS” on pictures, documents and brochures and provided as part of AIC JETS Corporation’s standard Web look and feel, that identifies AIC JETS Corporation Web pages in list of “favorites” or “bookmarks”.


Corporate Identifier

To maintain AIC JETS Corporation's "corporate identity," use only the seal or the logo on the front cover of communication products. The identifier should be placed and sized so that it clearly links the product to AIC JETS Corporation, while also complementing the cover's design.


Permission to Reprint AIC JETS Corporation Logo and Seal

If another company, group, partner or any entity wants to reproduce the seal or logo of AIC JETS Corporation for purposes acceptable to our organization, permission must be granted by us, which will provide a copy of the logo or seal. Conditions of permission:

  • Neither the logo nor seal may be altered in its proportions
  • No element may be removed or added to the seal or logo
  • Neither the seal nor the logo may be merged into another illustration or modified in any other way
  • The applicant may not suggest that use of the logo or seal implies endorsement of any organization, idea or product of service
  • AIC JETS Corporation requires that the logo and/or seal be accompanied by an appropriate disclaimer

The seal and logo may only appear against two types of backgrounds:

  • Transparent
  • White color background

No other backgrounds are allowed.


Appropriate Use of the AIC JETS Corporation Logo and other related Insignia

The AIC JETS Corporation's logo and other related insignia may be used on informational materials describing AIC JETS Corporation and other AIC JETS Corp. - supported programs and in connection with approved programmatic activities.


Inappropriate Use of the AIC JETS Corporation Logo and other related Insignia

In all informational materials – on the internet, printed and other types not related to AIC JETS Corporation.

Assisting and promoting other types of business and activities not related to AIC JETS Corporation.


Available Formats

Below are links and description of some of the logos formats and types commonly used by AIC JETS Corporation. Each logo is available in different file formats – GIF, JPG, Photoshop PSD, TIF and PNG.


Choosing a File Format

The EPS version is appropriate for commercial printing and can be used with vector/illustration programs.

The JPEG and PNG versions are appropriate for printing and for photo usage on the web.

The PSD and TIFF versions are appropriate for both commercial and laser printing.

Please note that the file sizes are large. Set aside some time for download, particularly with TIFF files.


Full or partial reproduction and public introduction of any content on our website is strictly prohibited without written permission of AIC JETS Corporation.

All rights reserved and protected by Intellectual Property Law.


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