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Currently in negotiation with financial companies and local civil aviation authorities for approval to establish our own private charter company based in Middle East Region. Our goal to offer best service for current and future clients while operating our own corporate jets with our own crew members - pilots and flight attendants. Also looking for high class catering companies. We are sure - partnership with us based on mutual success will be beneficial for both sides and passengers.

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Due to our network and services we can offer air freight services with air cargo transportation, customs clearance and storage across the globe through our network in various countries. Own cargo charters, shared container space with DGR cargo handling, perishable goods, vehicles, boats, equipment and more.

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If cost of shipment is main concern some people and companies choose sea freight services. Non-containerized load, containers, full load, break bulk shipment.

Have intention to sell your surplus parts and other assets, and/or replace your currently owned used assets such as container ships, cargo vessels, tankers and offshore drilling rigs and its equipment?

We will handle pre-sale preparation, will handle the offers as an exclusive appointed and retained by owner brokerage company. We will assist with the whole process, de-registering until delivery acceptance agreement will be mutually signed by both seller and buyer, sales contract funds will be received in full by current owner/seller and your vessel or other assets will be ready to transfer to a new owner. Optionally we can support with lease contract of your assets.

There are numerous companies asking about purchase of surplus parts and used assets in different countries. There are several requested as tenders through the United Nations, with which we are partnered for many years as an official vendor and partner.

Please contact us for details and partnership offers.

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Ownership of aircraft through Aircraft Trust. What does it means for both involved parties? The beneficiary owns the beneficial interest in the trust and the trustee owns the aircraft on behalf of the beneficiary. The trustee is the titled and registered owner of the aircraft, but the beneficiary has the right to dissolve the trust at any time for any reason. Title to the aircraft can be transferred at any time from the trustee to any party designated by the beneficiary, including itself, via an FAA form bill of sale. Pursuant to the terms of the trust agreement, the trustee cannot sell the aircraft without the beneficiary's direction. We assist our international clients by placing title to the aircraft with a trustee.

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We can arrange the delivery of purchased and leased aircraft with your crew or will provide type rated pilots and flight attendants from us to deliver an aircraft to its new location.

Please contact us for details and partnership offers.

New Airline Company Europe in 2020 | European Airlines | Airbus and Boeing orders and deliveries for new European Airline Company | New European Airline Company hiring pilots and flight attendants | New Airline Company will operate five Airbus A321neo, Airbus A340 and three A350 XWB | AOC Certificate | AIC JETS Corp. - Group of Companies


New European Airline Company accepts offers from investors to start its operation in 2024 and begin campaign for own pilots and cabin crew recruitment and training. Please contact us for details and partnership offers.

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Airline Fleet Retirement - Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer.

We continue to offer airlines and aircraft operators commercial aircraft end-of-life solutions.

Our Aircraft End-Of-Life Services:

Aircraft Long-Term Storage; Aircraft Ferry; Aircraft Decommissioning; Aircraft Dismantling; Aircraft Teardown; Part Out Services and other services.

Wind and Solar Energy Projects in Europe, Middle East, USA | AIC JETS Corporation


Need to sell your unused surplus wind and solar farm assets? Have intention to sell your used wind turbine farm assets - the tower, rotor and hub (including blades), nacelle and generator? Need to sell used or surplus parts of your solar farm - solar panels, inverters, controllers, control systems? We will handle the sales preparation, offers from buyers and transport.

There are numerous companies asking about surplus parts and used assets to install by them in different countries. There are several requested as tenders through the United Nations, with which we are partnered for many years as an official vendor and partner.

Please contact us for details and partnership offers.

Middle East, UAE Luxury Real Estate Sales and Lease | AIC JETS Corporation


Through our clients and partners in UAE we can offer you list of available upscale luxury real estate properties for sale and lease. Experts in real estate brokerage with their networking and negotiating skills will ensure that you get results you expect - whether it's property investment, purchasing or lease. If you are looking to purchase one, invest or lease - local professionals will help you source the right one for you. Choose from list or point to what you have in your list already.

MEGA YACHT AND BOAT SALES | Aruba, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Panama | AIC JETS Corp. Mega Yacht & Boat Sales


We will be your exclusive representative within your yacht or boat sale process when you choose to sell you currently own or to buy yacht or boat for pleasure or business. Wide variety of boats and yachts are available globally nowadays. If you need to find financing option, we will contact local banks to help you and close the sales contract.

Owning a yacht means owning something exclusive, as well as business jet or helicopter. This is a unique opportunity to explore the world from other side of the shore. High-net-worth individuals and/or companies focused on tailored experience and constant growth. Some sold yachts are worth $25 million and even more.

To use 100% of your assets and secure it, we offer establish company in Gibraltar, Malta, Aruba, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Panama, US Family Owner Trust registration, Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or Free Zone Company (FZCO). We also can register under same entity your helicopter and business jet, if you selected this option.

Please contact us for details and partnership offers.

PRIVATE YACHT, SAILBOAT AND COMPANY OFFSHORE REGISTRATION IN CAYMAN ISLANDS AND MARSHALL ISLANDS | Aruba, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Panama Company Registration and Private Yacht Registry | AIC JETS Corp. Mega Yacht, Sailboat and Yacht Registration



Our individual approach to each client involves close support in every step of evaluating registering a private yacht, sailboat and company, either separate or registered for your private yacht.

Our services Include:

  • Yacht registration
  • Company registration for yacht or separately (registered shelf company available)
  • Liaison with legal advisors and brokers in respect of purchase and sale
  • Other associated services

A private yacht is considered to be any yacht not carrying passengers for hire, not engaged in trade or commerce, and being used solely for the pleasure or recreational purposes of its owner.

Please contact us for details and partnership offers.

SATELLITE TRANSPONDER LEASING | Global Satellite Transponders Leasing | AIC JETS Corp. - Group of Companies


With nearly 30 years of experience in the transponder leasing business companies and constantly growing fleet of satellites they are capable to give customers this type of services anywhere and anytime. This option with more than 100 available satellites gives to our customers opportunity to lease satellite bandwidth on one or more separate transponders and/or satellites.

Companies offer reliable transponder leasing services throughout North/South America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa regions. With their state-of-the-art facilities, Satellite Control and Satellite Access Centers they provide monitoring and technical support to guarantee all customers will receive the highest transmission service.

Global Satellite Transponders Leasing Market by Type: Ku-Band, Ka-Band, C-Band and others.


Middle East banks we work with: Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, First Gulf Bank, HSBC Bank Middle East, RAK Bank, National Bank of Fujairah.


United States banks we work with: Bank of America Corporation, Banc of America Leasing & Capital LLC, Banc of America Public Capital Corp. (wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America N.A.), JPMorgan Chase & Co., PNC Aviation Finance, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, GE Capital Bank.


European banks we work with: DVB Bank, Standard Chartered Aviation Finance, Deutsche Bank AG.


Please visit our page: Offshore And Free Zone Company Business Formation And Development In The UAE



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