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Banner Types and Cost

       Monthly Regular    6 Month Prepaid    12 Months Prepaid
1. Leaderboard (350 x 75 pixels)   US $299   US $1,794   US $3,588
2. Medium Rectangle (300 x 200 pixels)   US $399   US $2,394   US $4788
3. Vertical Tower (300 x 500 pixels)   US $599   US $3,954   US $7,188
4. Front Page Leaderboard (1000 x 200 pixels)   US $1,199   US $7,194   US $14,388

Advertising Deadline


Advertising deadline for AIC JETS Corporation; website is Sunday at 9 a.m. EST. Please note, deadlines may vary due to holidays.


Types of advertising

All banners will be located on page according to service or product you wish to represent on our website.

Prices listed above are for all pages exclude home page AIC JETS Corporation.

If you wish to place your banner (listed above #1, #2, #3) on the main page you will be charged listed price plus US $100 for each unit.


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