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Passionate and experienced in aviation sales? Need more than just a job?

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Our core business - aircraft brokerage services. We work with commercial aircraft, business jet and helicopter sellers and buyers, aircraft operators/owners and brokerage companies. No matter what type of aircraft and helicopter - single piston, turboprop, corporate jet, commercial aircraft or helicopter - we always ready to help with sales/purchase or lease contract. We keep an eye on market and stay connected with FBOs, airports, aircraft and helicopter operators, pilots and flight attendants, leasing companies and others to find and offer currently available on the market and off-market aircraft and helicopter. Our clients as well as our partners are in North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. In case acquired aircraft or helicopter expected to be in another region, we can ferry it to its new location with owner's crew or we can hire for ferry flight. AIC JETS Corp. can assist with registration, de-registration and tail number reservation. Sales is not easy and complex process and we are ready to make our clients stay with us.


Current Domestic Openings:

  • Commercial Aircraft Sales Broker
  • Commercial Aircraft Lease Broker
  • Business Jet Sales Broker
  • Business Jet Sales Trainee Broker
  • New Aircraft Sales Broker
  • Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales Broker
  • Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales Trainee Broker
  • Aviation Parts Sales
  • Airport Equipment Sales
  • Charter Airline Flight Attendant - Under Review
  • Corporate Flight Attendant - Under Review

Top Management Positions:

  • Head of Department - Under Review
  • Member of the Board of Directors - Under Review

International And Regional Openings:


We currently updating list of vacancies.

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