AIC JETS Corporation Shareholder Documents


Information for AIC JETS Corporation Shareholder:

  • Annual Meetings
  • Bylaws
  • Corporate Dividends Information
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Structure
  • Shareholder Stock Transaction Policy
  • Stock Ownership Requirements
  • Transaction Regulation

AIC JETS Corporation Brokerage Documents


Aircraft Brokerage Documents:

  • Aircraft Brokerage Agreement
  • Aircraft Brokerage Listing Agreement
  • Aircraft Appraisal Form
  • FAA Aircraft Dealer Certificate Form
  • Mandate Letter
  • NCND Agreement

AIC JETS Corporation
Tender Offers


FAA Registered Aircraft and Helicopter Dealer and Broker

AIC JETS Corp. Commercial Aircraft Lease Services

AIC JETS Corp. Engine and APU Sale and Lease

AIC JETS Corp. Aircraft Owner Trust Services

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