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AIC JETS Corp. ready and wish to invest in aviation businesses, financing sales and lease of new and used aircraft and infrastructure important to the development of global aviation and airline companies development. We are open and ready for strong partnership between asset management structures, companies, commercial and investment banks in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


With have exclusive offers and actively seeking investors interested in investments in commercial and business aviation and currently have projects in commercial and general aviation and seeking sizable investments.


AIC JETS Corp. offers innovative commercial aircraft leasing and other financial solutions to assist airline companies and aircraft owners with fleet planning needs. Leasing opportunities are brought through our network of international aviation, local and foreign financial industry relationships with airlines, leasing companies, banks, manufacturers, and aircraft maintenance providers in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

AIC JETS Corp. also offers a lease-back program for aircraft owners and airline companies.

  • Aircraft sales
  • Aircraft leasing and financing
  • Lease-back program
  • Aircraft ownership
  • Aviation parts leasing program
  • Charter program
  • FBO and MRO services

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As an official entity named AIC JETS Corporation (AIC JETS Corp.) we can issue stocks for individuals, companies, trusts and financial institutions.


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