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At AIC JETS Corporation, our mission is to meet your unique special requirements. We can name a whole list of commercial aircrafts, business jets and helicopters we work with, but we all know those famous names. Whether you need to sell, purchase or lease one or fleet of Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Sikorsky, and Bell or other aircraft or helicopter — we are ready to help you.

As an aircraft brokerage corporation, AIC JETS Corporation able to offer you the variety of aircraft and helicopters available for us around the world whether stored or active at this time.

Our mission as aircraft and helicopter dealer — to be your exclusive partner in commercial and business aviation with ability to offer the best choice and portfolio, we can not only find what you need but deliver to you with our or your crew, register and deregister aircraft and helicopter not only in USA but in offshore jurisdiction as well.


We don’t like to be limited with frames. That’s why list of offered services also include aircraft management, ground support, parts and equipment sales, financing and hiring of aviation specialists. As constantly growing company we are looking for professionals in aviation and finances and open for partnership with other companies.


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