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AIC JETS Corporation Global Aviation Network

We actively participate in the global aviation industry and flight support services. Whether it’s membership in associations, promotion in exhibitions, attendance at aviation industry conferences and forums, AIC JETS Corporation takes advantage of every opportunity to develop our current and prospective services and operations.


We accomplish this by learning from the aviation industry’s best practices and allowing the concerns and challenges of our clients to be heard by the aviation industry stakeholders and decision makers. By doing so, we’re able to develop aviation infrastructure and improve its regulations.


Commitment to Vendors Cooperative and Rewarding Arrangements

  • To treat all our vendors fairly and impartially at all times.
  • To pay all our vendors promptly, and in accordance with our contractual agreements, when products or services have been received. (Based on the condition that vendors submit timely and accurate invoices that bear the purchase order or contract agreement number and matches the order or agreement in all respects).
  • To enter into all our agreements, in the spirit of mutual cooperation, and to keep communication channels open to discuss any opportunities or difficulties our vendors may be facing.
  • To negotiate long term agreements with vendors and to establish proper mechanisms - wherever mutually advantageous - to ensure that goods or services are received on time, in the right quantity, and at the right price.
  • To measure vendor's performance against established benchmarks through compliance audits and resolve issues whenever they arise. (The audit process involves factory audits of the vendors's contractors, with verification measures and plans to correct issues).

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