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We invite investors and partners to join us and expand the fleet of wide, narrow body and regional aircrafts.


AIC JETS Corporation (AIC JETS Corp.) offers a wide variety of ACMI options and other forms of commercial aircraft leasing, whether you need an aircraft for charter or aircraft purchase. There are several known forms of lease in the world – ACMI, Wet Lease, Dry Lease, Damp Lease and Ad-Hoc.


While working close with airline companies in the world we are able to cover your current and upcoming needs with short-term and long-term lease aircraft requirements. We do have connections with leading airline companies, low cost and charter airlines operating numbers of flights which have available wide and narrow body aircrafts for lease with or without their crews, or in need of one or several. We can locate the aircraft in any region of the world and deliver it to you in exact time frame when and where you will need it for your operation. And we mean not only passenger airliners but freight aircrafts as well.


In some cases charter airlines wanted to see their own livery aboard of aircraft. As it necessary, we will make an arrangement with company which will put your name and logo not only on aircraft but will provide promotion materials for each flight, if you want us to do this as well.


It is not a secret – there are moments when airline companies are looking lesser to operate their fleet to avoid or reduce of losses. Obvious benefits of this situation: reduced capital investment requirement, increase fleet plan flexibility, constant availability of aircraft, and minimized impact on airline finances.


Since we are an international commercial aircraft and business jet Corporation, we have access to long list of available fleet and will be glad to help you and become a trusted partners in the future not only with airline companies but with FBOs, MROs, ground handling and aviation fuel providers, tour companies and others. And based on this we are ready and open to discuss to become a GSA of yours in aviation industry.


Passenger and freight aircrafts available for lease program at this moment:

Boeing 737-300/400/500/800, Boeing 737-300F, Boeing 747-200/300/400, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-200/300, Boeing 777-200/300, Boeing 787-8, Airbus A310/300, Airbus A319, Airbus A320-200 Airbus A330-200/300, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A350-900, Bombardier CRJ-200/700/900, Embraer ERJ-145/175/190, DC9-32, DC10-30.

AIC JETS Corp. - aircraft brokerage company and don't own listed aircrafts. Please contact us for available at this time or let us know which aircraft you will need for your operations and we will contact Lessor with your request.

Latest offers from USA, Europe, Middle East and North Africa Airline Companies and Operators:

Airbus A320 for lease ACMI, wet lease, dry leaseAirbus A330 for lease ACMI, wet lease, dry lease
Airbus A340 for lease ACMI, wet lease, dry leaseBoeing 737-800 for lease ACMI, wet lease, dry lease
Boeing 777-200/300 for lease ACMI, wet lease, dry leaseAirbus A350 for lease ACMI, wet lease, dry lease

Airbus A320-200:

YOM: 1998 – 2010

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Airbus A330-200/223/243/300/200F:

YOM: 1998 – 2011

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Airbus 340-313/500/600:

YOM: 1997 – 2009

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Boeing 727-200F:

YOM: 1972 – 1982

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: Freighter

Boeing 737-200/800/300F/400F:

YOM: 1988 – 2012

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Boeing 747-400/422/400BCF:

YOM: 1990-2000

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Boeing 767-204/300ER:

YOM: 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2013

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Boeing 777-200ER/300ER:

YOM: 1998 – 2013

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request

Boeing 787-8:

YOM: 2015, 2016

Operating Lease/ACMI/Sale

Configuration: On Request


We invite investors to join us in exploring and opening new opportunities in high growth regions of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asian markets.


AIC JETS Corp. also offers a lease-back program for aircraft owners and airline companies.


If you are interested, please contact us to get more information.


Aircraft Lease and Aircraft Offer Information


Potential Lessee: Companies who need to use our service to lease an aircraft on Wet or Dry Lease Program should contact us with the following detailed application:

  • Aircraft Type
  • Cabin Capacity Required (First/Business/Coach Classes)
  • Starting Date of Lease
  • Lease Duration
  • Monthly Guarantee
  • Planned Base of Aircraft (with IATA codes)
  • Planned Routes (with IATA codes)
  • Targeted price of Lease
  • Type of Lease required
  • Is this a “start-up” carrier or “existing” carriers operation?
  • Are you a Broker, mandated agent or End User?
  • Full name and contact information of person signing the contract, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses required
  • Details of Aircraft Lease Funding:
    1. Have funds been budgeted and allocated for this Project?
    2. Proof of Funds is required, are you able to provide proof of funds for this project?
    3. Bank and lessor credit references (contact names and telephone numbers)
    4. If financing will be guaranteed by a third party or parent company then please provide a minimum of three years worth
      of financial statements and latest interim statements (highlighting cash balances) for that third party,
      the parent company or guarantor)
  • Do you have AOC?
  • What type of Operating Certificate do you hold?

Any Special Requirement (Aircraft Age limitation, engine performance preference, JAA/FAA/EASA requirements etc.)

Potential Wet and Dry Lessee should provide their Business Plan and Financial Status for Lessor’s review.

Potential Lessor: Companies who need to use our service to market their aircraft availability on Wet or Dry Lease should contact us with the following detailed application and attachment of aircraft latest technical specifications, actual interior and exterior photos.

Photos and video must be made no later than during the week from date of documentation is presented to us. If you wish we will take care about photo and video presentation.

  • Aircraft Type
  • Cabin Capacity (First/Business/Coach Classes)
  • Starting Date of Lease
  • Lease Duration
  • Monthly Guarantee
  • Current Base of Aircraft (with IATA codes)
  • Targeted price
  • Any Special Requirement (Countries forbidden, companies forbidden etc.)

Mandate Letter Must Be Requested from the Lessor on specific deal and term basis. On the agreement phase AIC JETS Corp. will send it’s commission agreement to the Lessor to sign just after Agreement will be prepared under the necessary terms and conditions then sign together with Lessor, Lessee and Agent.

AIC JETS Corp. only works with clients on a mandate basis, and as such it is our goal to offer the best service and pricing.

In order to accomplish that we have several initial key points we need in order to be able to offer the best solution for your client:

AIC JETS Corp. Leasing Guide:

First stage (please prepare all the files and documentation to have them ready for sending to our office):

  • NCND Agreement
  • Lease Checklist
  • Mandate Letter (must be in the 'End User Company' letterhead)

Second Stage:

  • Proof of Funds from 'End User' Bank Account
  • LOI and Lease Agreement



Dear clients, we can't represent you as a brokerage company without important document named Mandate Letter.


We have forged close relationships with numerous operators & leasing companies worldwide resulting in our ability to secure aircraft and negotiate favorable rates for leases. We provide all types of leases including ACMI (Wet/Damp Leases), Operating Leases (Dry leases). No matter what your request is, whether for a month or for several months/year, we will coordinate all aspects in order to ensure a smooth transaction.

We have a strict policy that we ONLY deal directly with Principals (Buyers/Airline) or Exclusively Mandated Brokers/Agents. Requests not complying with given above description will not be reviewed!

*All aircraft availability are subjected prior sale/lease and terms & conditions by the lessors/owners.

*We do not arrange Dry Leases unless specifically mandated by the end user/lessee.


Full or partial reproduction and public introduction of any content on our website is strictly prohibited without written permission of AIC JETS Corporation.

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