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United Arab Emirates Aircraft Registration Guide


United Arab Emirates


Registry: GCAA

Prefix: A6

Location: Middle East

Country Status: Federation


Weight restrictions: None

Maximum age: Only those aircraft with an age equal to or less than 20 years (calculated from the date of the first certificate of airworthiness) at the time of an application for a certificate of registration may be registered

Aircraft Type Certificate: EASA/FAA/TCCA

Typical structure: None


Private use: Yes

Commercial Air Transport: Yes

Finance Mortgage possible? No

Restriction Governing Mortgage law: Whilst the concept of aircraft mortgage stricto sensu is not specifically provided by the UAE law, it is possible to note a mortgage with the GCAA

Priority notice: N/A

Public registration: No

Deregistration Power of Attorney: Original, notarised copy to be submitted to the GCAA

Cape Town: Yes


Please contact us for details about offshore registration of your aircrafts. Also we can provide experienced full flight crew to complete this process.

If you will decide, and it will be necesary for you, we can deliver aircrafts to desired location after offshore registration will be completed.


Information provided by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and AIC JETS Corporation.


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