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United Arab Emirates Aircraft Registration Guide



Registry: GCAA
Prefix: A6
Location: Middle East
Country Status: Federation


Weight restrictions: None
Maximum age: Only those aircraft with an age equal to or less than 20 years (calculated from the date of the first certificate of airworthiness) at the time of an application for a certificate of registration may be registered
Aircraft Type Certificate: EASA/FAA/TCCA
Typical structure: None


Private use: Yes
Commercial Air Transport: Yes
Finance Mortgage possible? No
Restriction Governing Mortgage law: Whilst the concept of aircraft mortgage stricto sensu is not specifically provided by the UAE law, it is possible to note a mortgage with the GCAA
Priority notice: N/A
Public registration: No
Deregistration Power of Attorney: Original, notarised copy to be submitted to the GCAA
Cape Town: Yes.


Information provided by UAE General Civil Aviation Authority.