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Malta Aircraft Registration Guide


Aircraft considerations

Weight restrictions for jets (kg):

Minimum 20 kg, no maximum limitations.

Aircraft type issues (i.e. must be Type Registered):


Age restrictions:



Aircraft formerly used for military purposes are not typically eligible for registration. Annex II aircraft in terms of Regulation 1592/2002 are only eligible for registration if based and present in Malta.

Structuring requirements

Nationality requirements: Maltese law creates a distinction (based on European Law) between the nationality requirements for the registration of private aircraft and the registration of aircraft which are to be used for the provision of an ‘air service’, being a flight or series of flights carrying passengers, cargo and/or mail for remuneration and/or hire, in terms of Regulation (EC) 1008/2008 (hereinafter referred to as ‘commercial aircraft’).


Entities eligible to register commercial aircraft in Malta:


  • A limited liability company existing under the laws of Malta having its registered office, central administration and principal place of business within Malta. More than 50% of such undertaking must be directly or indirectly owned and controlled by nationals of EU Member States (in accordance with Article 4 of Regulation (EC) 1008/2008).


In this case the aircraft is to be operated by the holder of the Aircraft Operating Licence.


Entities eligible to register private aircraft in Malta:


  • The limited liability company mentioned above;
  • Any citizen of Malta, or a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or Switzerland having a place of residence or business in Malta, or the European Union or the European Economic Area or Switzerland;
  • A limited liability company incorporated in Malta where not less than 50% of such undertaking is owned and effectively controlled by the Government of Malta or any Member State, or by a citizen of Malta, or of a Member State or of the EEA or Switzerland;
  • A foreign national or undertaking which does not satisfy the afore-mentioned nationality requirements (known as an international registrant). For the purposes of such registration, however, a resident agent which is habitually resident in Malta must be appointed in writing in relation to matters concerning the registration of the aircraft at all times.


Typical structures (i.e. Company with limited shares):


  • A limited liability company is typically used for owners or operators of aircraft providing air services as specified above;
  • A person may register an aircraft in his/her natural capacity if he/she is a citizen of Malta;
  • A resident agent will handle registration matters in the case of an international registrant, provided that this will only apply in the case of private aircraft.


Is there a need to hold local shareholder or director requirements?




Local office/physical presence required?


An Air Operator License and Air Operator Certificate will only be granted if the applicant providing Air Services has its registered office in Malta.


Due diligence issues: Sufficient Know Your Customer procedures must be followed. Required documentation typically includes:


In the case of a company:


  • A certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of any shareholder or entity acting as director;
  • An original Good Standing Certificate (not older than 3 months) issued by the Registry of the jurisdiction of the company of any shareholder or entity acting as director;
  • Information and Identification documents of company directors and beneficial owners;
  • Bank reference letter for beneficial owners and persons being appoint as directors.

In the case of a natural person:

  • Identification Document:
  • Recent Utility Bill (not older than 3 months);
  • Bank reference letter (not older than 3 months).

Continuing requirements (include fees and fillings):


Annual returns must be filed with the Registry of Companies on the anniversary of the date of registration. The fee levied for such filing is based on the authorized share capital of the company, and shall be between $ 112 and $ 1,559. The company must also file annual accounts, which are to be accompanied by auditors’ reports and directors’ reports. These documents must be laid before the limited liability company in general meeting within 10 months from the end of the relevant accounting reference period, and must be filed with the Registry within 42 days from the end of this 10 month period. No fees are charged in this regard.



Fractional ownership and trustee ownership of an aircraft are both possible. An aircraft which is still under construction may be registered under the Aircraft Registration Act as soon as it is uniquely identifiable. It is also possible to register engines and replacement engines. Registration may be made by the owner itself, by the operator (lessee) or even by the buyer (under a conditional sale or title reservation agreement).


Use and Operations of the Aircraft:


Private use:



Charter use:



Registration requirements: Filling in of standard application form – particulars of the aircraft to be registered, the registrant and, if required, the resident agent. Documentation to evidence and corroborate the information contained in the application, such as evidence of title (e.g. bill of sale), evidence of signatory powers (e.g. resolutions, powers of attorney), evidence of any mortgages or other encumbrances on the aircraft to be registered, and due diligence documents as outlined above. Lease agreements will also be required if the aircraft is leased. Evidence of appointment and acceptance of the resident agent should be submitted concurrently in the case of an international registrant.


Certificate of Airworthiness requirements:

A full list of requirements can be found on the following link of The Civil Aviation Directorate or we can send you in a printable format.


Operation requirements:

Operational requirements are set out on the Transport Malta – Civil Aviation Directorate Portal and can be accessed through the website of Transport of Malta.


Inspection interval:



Costs and Service.

Initial cost:


Dependent upon the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of the heaviest aircraft listed on the AOC. It will cost $ 468 to obtain a Certificate of Registration and $ 25,909 to obtain an Air Operator Certificate for a Gulfstream G280 aircraft with MTOW of 16,080 kg. The cost for adding an additional aircraft type onto an existing AOC is also dependent upon MTOW. It will cost $ 7,792 to add a Gulfstream G280 aircraft with MTOW of 16,080 kg onto an AOC.


Annual cost:

No annual fees are charged.


Average time needed to register an aircraft (estimate):

    • For private registration: 15 days.
  • For commercial purposes (to obtain an AOC): 12 – 16 weeks.


Cost to register mortgage: No charge.

Cost to register priority notice (if applicable): No charge.

Cost to deregister aircraft: No charge.

Cost to discharge mortgage: No charge.


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Information provided by Corporate Jet Investor and Malta Civil Aviation Directorate.