VIP Cabin Crew Career in USA, Europe, UAE and Hong Kong | AIC JETS Corp. - Group of Companies

Position: VIP Cabin Crew (Female Applicants Only)


International luxury flight services provider 

Position: Full-Time

Location: United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose

To deliver a high standard of customer service and safety on board aircrafts contributing to consistent service excellence. To perform well under pressure, successfully prioritize and complete multiple tasks whilst at the same time meeting customer demands.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Provide a safe environment for Guests and Cabin Crew onboard through safe work practice and adequate SEP knowledge. To be contactable during duty days and display evident of satisfactory attendance record in order to avoid disruption to flight operations. When requested by the Company to operate short notification flights. Maintain onboard equipment’s in terms of quality and quantity, particularly when the aircraft is away from base, in order to reduce costs associated with breakages and losses. May be required to take on supervisory responsibilities as required by the company. Represent the Company during events with Cabin Crew. Ability to accommodate changes in roster and extended flight duties.


Between 23 years of age (minimum hiring age) and 37 years of age (maximum hiring age).

Applicant Should be: a Current Flying Crew or at Least less than 1 Year out of service (with sound justified reasons).

Mandatory Requirements

  • Previously completed initial Cabin Crew training.
  • Flying License.
  • Excellent command in English Language.
  • Intermediate level of computer skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Healthy weight which must be in proportion to height.
  • Ability to swim at-least 25m unaided in open water, without a flotation device.
  • Medically fit to meet air crew requirements.
  • No visible tattoos or visible body piercing (1x earring per ear is acceptable).


  • Knowledge of additional languages
  • Hospitality training
  • Catering training
  • Five years experience with an International Airline or in business aviation including 2 years in First Class OR 1 year in Private VIP Charter experience.

Benefits & Rewards

Housing / Utility Allowance

A monthly housing allowance (according to grade) per month and this will be paid as a fixed monthly all-inclusive allowance by the company. In addition, the employee will be paid utilities allowances (according to grade) per month.

Furniture and Moving Allowance

To assist the employee in establishing a residential home in the UAE within their first year of employment, the company will pay the employee a one-off lump-sum AED amount to help on the costs of purchasing furniture and furnishings for their accommodation.

Housing Allowance Advance

If an employee is in receipt of a monthly housing allowance, then the employee may request to avail of 6-months housing allowance in advance with prior written approval from the company if required to pay a rental contract agreement.

Transport Allowance

A monthly transport allowance (according to grade) per month will be paid by the company to the employee, and this will be paid as a fixed monthly all-inclusive allowance by the company.

Medical Insurance Benefits

The company will cover the insurance premium to provide medical insurance benefits as laid out in the medical insurance policy document for the employee including spouse and up to three children below their 19th birthday.

Life and Accident Insurance

The company will provide life and accident insurance coverage including natural death for the employee only (excluding family) for a capital lump-sum insured based on the employee monthly basic salaries.

Loss of License Insurance (Flying Crew Only)

The company will provide loss of license insurance coverage for the employee for capital lump-sum insured based on the employee monthly basic salaries.

Bonus Payment

Subject to satisfactory annual company performance and at the sole discretion of the company, and subject to satisfactory individual performance appraisal results of the employee, the employee may be paid an annual bonus payment as per the company policy. The bonus will be pro-rated for employees with less than one completed year of service at the time of payment.

Annual Leave

The employee will be granted paid annual leave (according to grade) for each calendar year (or pro-rata for part thereof). All basic salary and all allowances and benefits are paid in full whilst on annual leave.

Annual Leave Travel Ticket

After completion of the probationary period, the employee will be entitled for an annual leave travel ticket to their recognized home destination once per annum for the employee, spouse and up to three children below their 19th birthday and the booked class of travel will be (according to grade). The entitlement will be prorated for the first & last year of service.

Sick Leave

After completion of the probation period, and subject to the provision of acceptable medical certificates, the employee shall be entitled to pay sick leave in accordance with the company policy.

Emergency or Compassionate Leave

In addition to annual paid leave, all employees in all grades are entitled to request additional paid leave on full pay per calendar year for special “emergency” compassionate reasons which will be granted at the sole discretion of the company.

Matrimonial Leave

Any employee marrying for the first time while in the service of the company shall be entitled to request up to seven calendar days of paid matrimonial leave once per employment lifetime.

Hajj Pilgrimage Leave

All Muslim employees are entitled to Hajj leave of 30 days fully-paid once per employment.

EOSB Gratuity (End-of-Service-Benefit)

When the employee leaves the service of the company, it will pay to the employee a lump-sum end-of service benefit (EOSB) gratuity

Visa Formalities

The company will arrange and pay for the residence visa and work permit for the employee. In addition the company will arrange and pay for the residence visa for the spouse and up to three children below their 19th birthday.