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Bermuda Aircraft Registry


Bermuda’s Aircraft Registry has earned a solid reputation internationally for being safe and well-regulated. Its significant growth is a reflection of Bermuda’s status as the jurisdiction of choice for aircraft registration, with excellent credibility, high regulatory standards and professional staff.


Aircraft Registration Application


Aircraft considerations


Weight restrictions for jets (kg):

No statutory minimum (see Notes below).


Aircraft type issues (i.e. must be Type Registered):

None. BDCA accepts EASA, FAA and Transport Canada.


Age restrictions:


Notes: BDCA will access aircraft on a case by case basis.


Structuring requirements


Nationality requirements:

Person residing in Bermuda; or body incorporated in Bermuda and having its registered office in Bermuda. Where aircraft is chartered by demise (leased) to a Bermuda company, registration in the name of the charterer during the period of the charter may be permitted, whether or not an unqualified person is entitled as owner to a legal or beneficial interest in the aircraft.


Typical structures (i.e. Company with limited shares):

Bermuda exempted company.


Is there a need to hold local shareholder or director requirements?



Is there a need to hold local shareholder or director requirements?

Local office/physical presence required? Registered office only, no physical presence.


Due diligence issues (i.e. Know Your Customer):

KYC required on 5%+ voting shareholders. No KYC on directors.


Continuing requirements (include fees and fillings):

Annual Government Fee. No local filings.



Annual Company registration fees due January of each year.


Use and operation of the aircraft:

Private use:



Charter use:

Not permitted unless registered in Commercial category.


Registration requirements:

Submission of (i) registration application, (ii) legal opinion as to capacity and transfer of title, (iii) certified board resolutions, (iv) copy of aircraft acquisition document.


Certificate of Airworthiness requirements:

Initial and annual survey required to ensure conformity to any ICAO recognized certification standard, approved by a National Aviation Authority (from State of Design/ Manufacture).


Operation requirements:

A “Maintenance Program” must be submitted for approval for Large Complex Turbojet Aircraft which must comply with the requirements of the AN(OT)O Article 85 which is basically ICAO Annex 6 Part 2 Section 3.


Inspection interval:



Costs and Service:


Initial cost:

Based on MTOW.


Annual cost:

Based on MTOW.


Average time needed to register an aircraft (estimate):

4 - 6 weeks.


Cost to deregister aircraft:

No fee.


Please contact us for details about offshore registration of your aircrafts. Also we can provide experienced full flight crew to complete this process.

If you will decide, and it will be neccesary for you, we can deliver aircrafts to desired location after offshore registration will be completed.


Aircraft Registration Services


Service Providers

Bermuda Aircraft Registry | Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) - Aircraft Registration | Bermuda application for aircraft registration | Bermuda Offshore Jurisdiction Aircraft Registration | AIC JETS Corp. - Group of Companies

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