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Commercial and Business Aircraft Brokerage

AIC JETS Corporation works in the interests of the client and in complete confidentiality. We offer a package of services in the field of aviation consulting: aircraft brokerage, recruitment, implementation of the aircraft registration, obtaining licenses and certificates for its operation, assistance with insurance and aircraft delivery. We provide individual approach to each of our client with availability of professional staff to be able to solve any legal, customs and financial objectives.

Aircraft Brokerage is effective solution for cost optimization and consists of two main important parts - Aircraft Broker and Aircraft Buyer Agent Services. As Forbes Magazine and Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine declared, the changes in the way corporate jets and business aircraft are bought, sold and researched might be making professional aircraft brokers more valuable than ever. As an international aviation brokerage company, AIC JETS Corporation at our best and in the unique position to analyze all available information, able to filter out the noise and provide market wisdom buyers need in a very volatile market. AIC JETS Corp. as part of international market provides a wide range of consulting services with strong knowledge of market of commercial aircrafts and business jets. We will help you choose an aircraft or business jet suitable for your needs, both in secondary market as well as directly from manufacturer. If it will be necessary, we can arrange a professional analysis of the entire history of chosen aircraft with complete audit for completeness of all necessary technical documentation for its compliance and availability.

Whether you or your client are planning the purchase, sale or lease of a commercial aircraft, business jet or helicopter, we are here to help you with. We have partners and several companies in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia we're working with on our projects. Based on the current documentation and physical condition of the aircraft AIC JETS Corporation will make an evaluation of the real and declared value in the market, which will potentially reduce stated value by at least the amount of the removal of all identified non-compliances. We fully understand that the number of non-compliances upon the delivery of aircraft depends on the professionalism of the team engaged in carrying out all work.

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